Sleep problems and facts associated with it

By | June 18, 2017

Sleep is the gift of god – The Hypnos, quite rightly taken from Greek Mythology. This gift is offered to most human beings, except a rare few. And those who are devoid of this gift, life will become terrible and a living hell. Such individuals, who struggle to have good night sleep, often vacillate between extremes and the lows. There are many causes behind sleep problems, and all of these causes are ascertained by bespoke therapists or counsellors. Insomnia is quite common and keeping in view current behaviour, it has become far more prevalent in metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities. With sleep problems taking the toll, there is direct affect on health, mood as well as the ability.

And in case of chronic sleep problem, otherwise known as chronic insomnia, individuals begin to face serious health issues. Changes are required and often such changes need to be effectuated from a trained counsellor or unique bespoke clinic.

What is sleep problem in real?

There are different, technical, medical and generic ways of defining sleep problems. You face problems while sleeping, due to anxiety or any kind of bereavement. There is a special feeling of restlessness in your mind. There is also kind of confusion going in mind all times. Behaviour statistics shows that each individual has his or her own biological clock, which is maintained keeping in view the routine chore. Sleeping doesn’t necessarily mean 8 hours. It is the feeling that you get after sleeping that matters. Number of hours you have slept will obviously make whole lot of difference.

If you are spending good eight or nine hours on your bed, and still feeling drowsy, fatigued, you are facing sleep problem, or for that matter it is the starting point of big problem – The Sleeplessness.

When you feel insomniac?

There are many symptoms that will give you the feeling that you are suffering from sleeplessness. These symptoms include difficulty in sleeping despite the fact you are tired; trouble in sleeping again after being awakened; frequent midnight awakes; breathlessness and exhaustive sleep; waking on wee hours; showing up daytime drowsiness, irritability and fatigue; lack of concentration etc. Most astonishing fact is that many individuals just keep living with these types of condition through their entire lives. They adapt to these types of conditions and it feels to them that everything is quite normal. However, if seen deeply, such individuals are insomniac.

There are times when insomnia is a precursor to many other medical and diseased conditions. Such types of situations need real time assessment by a well trained sleep therapist.

Causes of sleeplessness

The key problems behind sleeplessness are:

Psychological differentiation – One of the reasons behind sleeplessness is psychological disparity, primarily caused as result of bipolar disorder, post-traumatic disorder and anxiety.

Medical and health problems – Sleeplessness, whether acute or mild, might result from cancer, kidney disease, or chronic pain or asthma, or allergies. Individuals face terrible nightmares as the result of such problems, and sleep is disturbed.

Over medications – There can be a scenario wherein over medication can result in sleeplessness and anxiety. Several types of broad-spectrum and narrow spectrum diseases like diuretics, corticosteroids, thyroid hormone and even those which are administered during high Blood Pressure can alter biological clock and cause sleeplessness.

Don’t live through sleeplessness or insomnia. Such situations are dreadful, and can be one of the principal reasons behind your failure. Join the bespoke programme as this programme will help you to make your life easy and welcoming. You are going to enjoy your life and moreover, the level of concentration will increase substantially.

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